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Stem Cell Therapy For Liver Disease

Liver diseases are a global health issue that cause a large number of deaths every year. Many reasons, such as viral hepatitis, alcohol abuse, excessive prescription and illicit drug use, metabolic and autoimmune diseases, can all cause liver injury and inflammation.  Injury and inflammation to the liver can result in liver failure, cirrhosis and sometimes can even be associated with hepatocellular carcinoma.

If not timely treated, a patient may be faced with a condition of advanced liver disease resulting in the long, difficult and expensive process associated with a liver transplant procedure.  As a result, the goal for all of us is to effectively and immediately treat any liver injury and inflammation as soon as possible, so that we can avoid complications associated with liver disease.

Regardless of their different etiologies, symptoms and physiological processes, multiple kinds of liver diseases can be effectively treated with Wharton’s jelly derived umbilical mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy.

How Stem Cells can Help:

  • Liver fibrosis

Wharton’s jelly derived MSC Stem Cell therapy provides antifibrotic effects by paracrine mechanisms and improves liver fibrosis related complications, which are the mainly causes of death, such as ascites and encephalopathy

  • Immunomodulatory Effects

Inflammatory reactions are widely detected in injured liver tissues and are considered the primary causes of fibrosis and hepatic function failure

Using Wharton’s jelly derived umbilical mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy, as provided to patients at any of our Trinity Stem Cells treatment centers in Mexico and Colombia, can reduce inflammation in the liver and liver diseases through different mechanisms.

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