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Stem Cell Therapy For Inflammation

Reducing Inflammation with Stem Cells

Inflammation has long been thought to be the culprit behind many diseases, such as heart disease. There are approximately 60 million Americans who suffer from chronic inflammation. This condition may cause long-term medical problems that lead can to death by damaging cells and organs. Thankfully, science is catching up with inflammation.

Stem cell therapy can help people reduce inflammation., There are also many other effects that go beyond merely dealing with injuries and physical conditions. Stem cell therapy can also be beneficial in fighting against disease.

Stem Cell Treatment for Inflammation

Stem cells have already proven to have many uses that justify the furthering of their research and study. Still, one of the most impressive abilities boosted by stem cells is their ability to reduce inflammation.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are the stem cells used in stem cell therapy, and they have demonstrated that when applied in the right circumstances, they are capable of doing a great deal of good for people who are suffering from pain and inflammation.

Price & Duration

We organize our stem cell packages based on the size and complexity of your condition. Small, simple conditions require relatively few stem cells to treat them. Large, complicated conditions— or conditions you wish to treat as quickly and as completely as possible—will require larger volumes of stem cells to get the job done.

Treatment of the inflamation process is patient specific and dependent on wheather patient is dealing with a whole body issue, or joint specific conditions.

Pre-Treatment Consultations

As part of the treatment package, each patient will have an individual pre-travel virtual consultation with one of our physicians. We will also conduct an additional pre-treatment live, in person consultation with one of our experienced physicians. We want to ensure you that the appropriate treatment plan and treatment protocol can be established and administered properly and effectively.

Take-Home Therapy Package

We curate an additional set of simple supportive therapies that you will bring home with you after your treatment, and self-administer for one to three months. This take-home set ensures that your stem cells and your impacted tissue continue to receive direction and building blocks to continue to regenerate after your initial treatment.

We typically provide a one to a three-month supply of:

  • Compounded Nutrition

  • Messenger RNA

  • Growth Factors


The treatment duration can range from 1-5 days depending the patient’s specific conditions. Each patient will have an individual pre-treatment consultation with one of our experienced physicians so that the appropriate treatment protocol can be established.

Supportive Therapies Included

We select your supportive therapies based on your condition. Your supportive therapies will direct your stem cells to the impacted tissue that needs to be regenerated, trigger selective cell activity, and provide your body with additional biological building blocks to deliver a faster and more complete regeneration.

We offer many supportive therapies, that include but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition & Enzymes

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