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Stem Cell Therapy For Aging

Next Generation Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging

Restore Youthful Appearance, Increase Energy, and Improve your Quality of Life.

Reduced stiffness, soreness, and aches

Improved mental and emotional functioning

Tighter, brighter skin with fewer wrinkles

Increased energy, libido, and immune system functioning

Overall enhanced quality of life

Thicker hair with restored color and shine

A Next Generation Treatment

Our stem cell treatment plans provide a much more comprehensive anti-aging treatment program than other conventional therapies offer.

We provide critical components of anti-aging treatments that conventional therapies miss, and directly target both the symptoms of aging and the root causes that create these symptoms.

Stem Cells As We Age

There is increasing evidence that the aging process can have adverse effects on stem cells. As stem cells age their renewal ability deteriorates, and their ability to differentiate into the various cell types is altered.

Accordingly, it is suggested that aging-induced deterioration of stem cell functions may play a key role in the pathophysiology of various aging-associated disorders.

Understanding the role of the aging process in the deterioration of stem cell function is crucial. It is important to not only understand the pathophysiology of aging-associated disorders but also in the future development of effective stem cell-based therapies to treat aging-associated diseases.

Adult stem cells are also known as somatic stem cells. These cells are found throughout the body in every tissue and organ after development. These cells function as self-renewing cell pools to replenish dying cells, as well as regenerate damaged tissues throughout life.

Adult stem cells, also known as somatic stem cells. These cells are found throughout the body in every tissue and organ after development. These cells function as self-renewing cell pools to replenish dying cells, as well as regenerate damaged tissues throughout life.

However, adult stem cells appear to age with the person. As stem cells age, their functional ability also deteriorates. Specifically, this regenerative power appears to decline with age as injuries in older individuals heal more slowly than in childhood. For example, healing of a fractured bone takes much longer time in elderly than in young individuals.

There is a substantial amount of evidence showing that the deterioration of adult stem cells in the adult phase can become an important player in the initiation of several diseases in aging.

Treatable Conditions with P1 MSCs

At Trinity Stem Cell Treatment Centers, we create stem cells that are used to treat a wide range of chronic diseases, and for rejuvenating effects for ageing. We believe that keeping the mesenchymal stem cells juvenile and functioning in a youthful manner, will deliver the most beneficial regenerative medicine treatment!


Aging is characterized by common environmental conditions, such as hormonal, immunologic, and metabolic disorders, and these are considered to be the critical microenvironmental factors affecting stem cell functions.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Mitochondria are ubiquitous intracellular organelles found in mammals. This is the main source of cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and plays a central role in a variety of your cellular processes.

DNA damage and Telomere Shortening

In mammals, spontaneous and extrinsic mutational events occur on DNA on a daily basis. While most of the damaged DNAs are repaired by our bodies normal DNA repair mechanism, some of the mutated DNAs appear to escape from the repair mechanism and accumulate over time.

Epigenetic Alteration

Epigenetics refers to changes in gene expression which are heritable through modifications without affecting the DNA sequence. It has also been defined more broadly as the dynamic regulation of gene expression by sequence-independent mechanisms, including but not limited to changes in DNA methylation and histone modifications.

Price & Treatment Duration

We organize our stem cell packages based on the size and complexity of your condition. Small, simple conditions require relatively few stem cells to treat them. Large, complicated conditions— or conditions you wish to treat as quickly and as completely as possible—will require larger volumes of stem cells to get the job done.

Supportive Therapies Included

We select your supportive therapies based on your condition. Your supportive therapies will direct your stem cells to the impacted tissue that needs to be regenerated, trigger selective cell activity, and provide your body with additional biological building blocks. This helps to deliver a much faster and more complete regeneration.

We offer many supportive therapies that include but are not limited to:

  • Intravenous vitamin wellness booster

  • Nutrition & Enzymes

Pre-Treatment Consultations

As part of the treatment package, each patient will have an individual pre-travel virtual consultation with one of our physicians. We will also conduct an additional pre-treatment live, in person consultation with one of our experienced physicians. We want to ensure you that the appropriate treatment plan and treatment protocol can be established and administered properly and effectively for you.

Duration of Visit

Many patients at Trinity Stem Cell Clinics can receive their treatment in just one day. We even provide free concierge transportation for the less than :30 minute trip from your hotel in the United States to our nearby Mexico Clinic locations. We try to make it quick, easy and affordable!

Take-Home Therapy Package

This take-home set ensures that your stem cells and your impacted tissue continue to receive direction and building blocks to continue to regenerate after your initial treatment.

We typically provide a one to a three-month supply of:

  • Compounded Nutrition

  • Messenger RNA

  • Growth Factors

  • Post treatment vitamin supplements

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