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Hello, my name is María Arellano Reyes. I live in Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas, I want to express my testimony: last year was very difficult for me since my son Ethan was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, news that changed my life and my expectations completely, in which I became depressed and I cried a lot, but after crying so much I decided to take my son forward so that I could give him a better quality of life. Because of his diagnosis, I started with therapies and got an appointment with the neuro pediatrician Dr. Aquilino and it was thanks to the doctor that I arrived to this wonderful Trinity clinic in which they gave me all the necessary information and explanation of the stem cell-based treatment they offer to help children with autism and to improve quality of life.

Before treatment, my son hit his head a lot on purpose, he did not do any eye contact, he did not pay attention when calling his name, he lived in his world in which we could not move anything because it bothered him and he did not listen to anyone, also he is non-verbal. He was given the first session of treatment, and after the treatment, the first two weeks we felt he was a little more aggressive than we considered normal, but after those two weeks he decreased his periods of stress and aggression, he began to be more affectionate and kiss us and be sweet, but above all he began to have eye contact, seeing his eyes and him caressing my face is the most beautiful thing that God has given me, something that I thought I would never experience when Ethan was diagnosed. We have been progressing little by little, he has started to do things that he did not do before, he helps me pick up his toys, if I talk to him he turns to see me, he does things that he did not do before, he relates objects or fruits to me in video games, which he did not do either.

I am immensely grateful to all the specialists at the Trinity Clinic for all the support they have given me, for the excellent care and professionalism and for always being aware of my son's needs. I cannot fail to mention that it has comfortable and safe facilities where it allows you to observe the treatment preparation processes to give you the greatest assurance that the treatment is safe. Thank you for giving me that smile and the best look of love from my son. We keep moving forward.

— María Arellano Reyes

I had dreamed one day I would find a way to control or eliminate my diabetes. I've been fighting a losing battle to control my glucose for ten years; under the care of a devoted endocrinologist, my sugar levels went higher and higher. 

Today, my glucose is 106, my fasting glucose before stem cell treatment just three days ago ranged from 150-220. I'm thrilled how quickly trinity stem cell treatment is working to restore my pancreas.

In my most recent appointment, my endocrinologist said, in the next few months I'm going to start you on insulin injections. I asked, is there a cure for diabetes? No..he said. Diabetes is progressive and all we can do is treat the symptoms. 

Thanks to Trinity three days after my stem cell treatment my glucose readings are the lowest since being diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago. 

I'm certain...absolutely certain...trinity stem cell treatment will add years to my life and most importantly, add quality of life. 

Dan Forsberg 

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