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Our mission

A Next-Generation Stem Cell Clinic

We designed our stem cell clinic from the ground up to deliver superior outcomes and a welcoming patient experience.

Why We Founded Trinity Stem Cell Treatment Center

Many of us were raised to believe our local general practitioner knows best. We were taught they provide the best treatments available, and that they offer the best health outcomes we could ever hope for. 

This is rarely true, and many of us learned that the hard way… when we sought a health outcome—either for ourselves, or for a loved one—that could not be addressed through local options and conventional approaches. 

We founded Trinity Stem Cells  to provide the global community with treatments that few people know are available, and to offer health outcomes that are superior to what most people ever imagined were possible.

Our Core Values

Quality Obsessed

We continuously refine the quality of our stem cells and our treatments.


We administer complete treatments of which stem cells are just one part.


We support every decision we make with clinical & laboratory data.


We take care of every detail of our patients’ trip and time at our clinic.


We deliver meaningful, measurable changes to our patients’ health.

Long-Term Partners

Regular follow-ups for months or many years after the initial treatment.

The Need for a New Kind of Stem Cell Clinic

Before we created Trinity Stem Cell Treatment Center, each of our founders experienced the power of stem cells— either firsthand, or through the treatment of someone close to us. We knew that stem cells could deliver positive health outcomes, but we also knew stem cell treatments—and the clinics that administered them—had room for improvement. 

After deep laboratory investigation, we came to see that most clinics utilized relatively low-quality stem cells and incomplete treatments. While these clinics could deliver a certain level of positive outcomes, we came to understand that most clinics were only scratching the surface of the outcomes that stem cell treatments could deliver.

The clinics themselves also often offered a less-than-ideal patient experience. Most of the clinics we visited were chaotic, unprofessional, and unwelcoming. Patients were often administered a single treatment and sent on their way, unsure if they had experienced an efficacious treatment or if they had traveled and paid for nothing. 

We created Trinity Stem Cells to offer superior outcomes, and a welcoming experience.

We Consider Every Patient Touchpoint

We made patient experience a priority from the start. We saw that most clinics would just hurriedly treat a patient and then send them their “results”: little more than a piece of paper outlining their surface markers.  

We wanted our patients to feel comfortable, welcomed, and—above all—informed at every point of their journey. 

So we built a brand-new clinic, we manage our patients’ trips, and we provided detailed explanations of outcomes.

We Combine Our Lab & Our Clinical Practice

Most stem cell organizations are either producers of cells, or clinics that administer them. There are lots of silos between the two groups, and very little information shared between them. 

We knew there was tremendous opportunity to deliver better outcomes if the clinic and lab could only talk. 

So we brought both under one roof, and our clinic & our lab meet continuously to share and refine each other’s work

At our clinic, we welcome and treat patients from all over the world.

And we provide white-glove service at every step of your experience.

  • We offer consultations through calls, video chats, or in-person meetings.
  • We provide a range of treatment package options to meet your needs.
  • We do our best to schedule our treatments around your availability.
  • We help you make arrangements for your travel to Mexico.
  • We help you select your hotel or residence for your stay.
  • We arrange daily transportation between your residence and our clinic.
  • We provide a complete explanation of your treatment results.
  • We follow up regularly to keep you on track for successful  recovery.

At Trinity, we put your experience at the center of every choice we make.

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