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Autism Philanthropic Assistance

ASD Philanthropic Assistance Program

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a range of conditions characterized by social difficulties, poor communication skills, and repetitive behaviors. Patients diagnosed with ASD exhibit abnormalities in the immune system and a strong production of proinflammatory proteins. The ability of stem cells to regulate the immune system could potentially restore these immune disturbances in ASD. Exerting inhibition of inflammation through exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells could also be a possible mechanism for exosomes to exert therapeutic effects as an adjunctive treatment for these patients.

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism

Autism is increasing in the U.S.

Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterized by marked abnormalities in communication and social interactions. Two common consistent findings in children with this disorder are diminished oxygenation in specific areas of the brain and a chronic immunologically mediated inflammatory condition in the gut.

Autism signs/symptoms start showing from age 2, however, a child can be diagnosed with autism when they are 1.5 or older. It is worth noting that some developmental delays linked to autism can be seen even earlier. Parents with concerns that their child presents autism-related signs and/or symptoms are advised to seek evaluation immediately since early detection increases the chances of recovery. Most developmental delays caused by autism can be addressed if they are detected early. Additionally many stem cell clinics turn away children with autism if they are over 12, however at Trinity we will not turn anyone away from the chance to enjoy a better life.

Read Tammy Swarek's Testimonial

Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

Recent research does show that stem cell therapy can be used to treat autism by addressing the root causes of the disease like oxygen deprivation, immune function disorder, and inflammation. UC-MSC’s have been found to help diminish certain autistic symptoms. In our Stem Cell treatments for autism, we utilize Wharton’s Jelly Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) acquired from the umbilical cord Matrix. The Trinity autism stem cell therapy program works towards increased angiogenesis and blood flow to the brain, immune modulation, and inflammation control in patients with autism to alleviate autism-related symptoms. The therapy has also been found to help in brain development for younger children with autism.

Every kid diagnosed under Autism Spectrum Disorder is basically very unique symptom-wise, so benefits are under a very wide spectrum

 Autism stem cell therapy focuses on restoring lost or impaired neuron connections, forming new neuron connections, and speeding up brain reactions by improving synaptic transmission and the development of new neuron connections.

The cost of treatment.

The cost is based on the dosage and protocol recommended by the doctor, and this is through a free virtual medical consultation. To keep the price of our autism treatment as low as possible, Trinity works with various donors and philanthropic organizations. Our goal is to provide all our autism patients with exosome and Wharton's jelly-derived umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell treatments at the best available price.

In fact, our Trinity Stem Cell Clinics were established thanks to one of our founders who has a very personal connection to autism. In their own words...

"Stem cell therapy literally saved my grandson's life."

Tammy Swarek has her own website where you can find more information about her philanthropic efforts, as well as follow the amazing progress of her own autistic son and his remarkable improvement after receiving stem cell therapy.

Read Tammy Swarek's Testimonial

The duration of your visit.

The treatment has an approximate duration of 2 to 3 hours, depending on the medical assessment. Some patients may receive their treatment divided over two or more days.

Ground transportation support.

We offer transportation from the hotel to the clinic. In the clinics in Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Juárez, and Ensenada, transportation is provided from your hotel in the United States to the clinic. In the clinics in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Cabo, and Los Algodones, transportation is provided from the airport to your hotel and on the day of the treatment to the clinic. In Cancún, transportation is only provided on the day of the treatment from your hotel to the clinic.

We will notify you when available.


Hello, my name is María Arellano Reyes. I live in Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas, I want to express my testimony: last year was very difficult for me since my son Ethan was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, news that changed my life and my expectations completely, in which I became depressed and I cried a lot, but after crying so much I decided to take my son forward so that I could give him a better quality of life. Because of his diagnosis, I started with therapies and got an appointment with the neuro pediatrician Dr. Aquilino and it was thanks to the doctor that I arrived to this wonderful Trinity clinic in which they gave me all the necessary information and explanation of the stem cell-based treatment they offer to help children with autism and to improve quality of life.

Before treatment, my son hit his head a lot on purpose, he did not do any eye contact, he did not pay attention when calling his name, he lived in his world in which we could not move anything because it bothered him and he did not listen to anyone, also he is non-verbal. He was given the first session of treatment, and after the treatment, the first two weeks we felt he was a little more aggressive than we considered normal, but after those two weeks he decreased his periods of stress and aggression, he began to be more affectionate and kiss us and be sweet, but above all he began to have eye contact, seeing his eyes and him caressing my face is the most beautiful thing that God has given me, something that I thought I would never experience when Ethan was diagnosed. We have been progressing little by little, he has started to do things that he did not do before, he helps me pick up his toys, if I talk to him he turns to see me, he does things that he did not do before, he relates objects or fruits to me in video games, which he did not do either.

I am immensely grateful to all the specialists at the Trinity Clinic for all the support they have given me, for the excellent care and professionalism and for always being aware of my son's needs. I cannot fail to mention that it has comfortable and safe facilities where it allows you to observe the treatment preparation processes to give you the greatest assurance that the treatment is safe. Thank you for giving me that smile and the best look of love from my son. We keep moving forward.

— María Arellano Reyes

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